Millwright Engineering FET N1-N6 is a diverse subject that involves the concept of N Course physics, chemistry and materials science subjects. It is also one of the oldest branches of engineering disciplines. The field of mechanical engineering has a great scope and there is still a huge demand for mechanical engineers.


SAB Engineering College, one of the top FET Millwright Engineering Colleges in South Africa provides a strong science-based N Course engineering curriculum in N1-N6 engineering. Our FET department offers a National Diploma in Millwright Courses for all the aspiring candidates. The FET institution offers a variety of options for the students to pursue their interest. Students are motivated to undertake various complicated research projects such as survey of mechanical systems, assessing new products, innovative design plans and maintenance programs.

Millwright Engineering FET Course Benefits

The National Diploma in Millwright Engineering program offered by the prestigious institute in Pretoria is modern and comprehensive. All the students will be trained to acquire communication skills, coordination, problem-solving skills, leadership and sound technical knowledge. The major highlights of this N1-N6 Mechanical Engineering course is designing and development of varied size machineries. You will come to know about the core concepts of mechanics such as kinetics and thermodynamics.

Wamalloy Engineering Institution offers convenient and flexible FET courses for aspiring students around the world.

Career Fields

With this National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering certificate, you can pursue a career as:

Millwright Engineer


Process Technician

Design Engineer

Make a right decision to study in SAB Engineering FET institution, one of the reputed Millwright Engineering Colleges  and dream for your ultimate success. Lot of golden career opportunities are waiting for you in the outside world. Don’t look back!

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