• The code of conduct governs the conduct of all the students and to create an environment for all students to achieve best possible results.
  • The code of conduct takes the interests of seb college engineering college and its students.
  • The code of conduct has to be signed by the parents/guardian and the student as a prerequisite for admissions.
  • Any damage to the property and person and any provocative action by the students leading to exhibitions of temper or violence will be taken seriously and the erring students will be penalized.
  • A Student who desires to discontinue the course in the middle of the curriculum will be bound by the decision of the college authorities.
  • Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones during examinations. Those found violating this are liable to be debarred from taking the final trimester/semester examination and their phones will be confisticated.
  • Students must arrive to the class room on time.
  • Inside the class and laboratories/workshops, eatables are not allowed during the class hours.
  • General cleanliness in the college campus must be maintained at all times and littering is unacceptable.
  • Students are encouraged to be representatives of Wamalloy engineering college on or off their campuses. The college encourages courteous and civil behaviuor.
  • Wamalloy engineering college will not be responsible for loss of any personal belongings of the students.
  • Teachers and visitors should be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • Swearing and other offensive languages is not acceptable. This includes sexually, ethnically, racially, or socially insulting others.
  • Making any marks on college furniture and other equipments is strictly prohibited.
  • Damage to the college property is strictly forbidden. The college reserves right to claim compensation due to loss or damage to the property of the college or any third party associated with Wamalloy engineering college.
  • Theft is serious offence. Student found stealing will be asked to leave the college with immediate effect and charges may be laid.
  • Software and hardware should not be removed from the college and will be considered as theft.
  • Smoking is strictly not permitted inside the college premises.
  • Fighting, intimidation and any display of racism, or religious intolerance will not be permitted.
  • Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited into the campus for safety reason.
  • Malpractice during tests and examinations is a serious offence.
  • Workshop/laboratory - uniforms must be worn during the workshop/lab hours.
  • Clothing which is sexually provocative is not acceptable.
  • No drugs and alcohol is permitted inside the college campus

code of conduct