Program Overview


Chemical engineers are involved in the manufacture of products such as fuel, petrochemicals, cosmetics, plastics, processed foods and medicine so that we can enjoy and reap the benefits of scientific discoveries. They hold crucial responsibilities in the process industry such as running plant operations, designing reactors and process equipment, improving efficiency as well as looking into the safety and environmental aspects of processes.


This course will equip you with knowledge and skills in chemistry and analytical chemistry, and laboratory techniques so that you will be well trained to do research and testing for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.  Moreover, you will be trained in chemical process technology, occupational safety and health, and environmental technology so that you will be able operate and optimise manufacturing systems that produces the daily products that we use in our daily lives.


This part qualification is aimed primarily at giving the learner technical, theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and workplace knowledge and skills required in their chosen occupational/vocational area.

The design of the part qualification is such that if taken sequentially with related N part courses i.e. N1+N2+N3+N4+N5+N6, it enables learners to progressively obtain the National N Diploma once the required practical work component of either 18 months or two years, as required for the specific occupational area, is completed.


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Entry Requirements

Grade 9- 12 –(Matric),

A senior certificate or

National Certificate (N3) or a relevant Nated equivalent qualification

chemical engineering n1-n6

gallery/boiler making

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