Why study at SEB COLLEGE?


Tutorial classes on FET N1-N6 subjects will be conducted, where individual doubts of the students will be clarified and not more than 50  students will be in one class so that the lecturer will be able to attend to each and every one of them. This system is required as many of the N course FET engineering and business subjects are imaginative and difficult to understand.


Our curriculum stresses more on practical subjects and hence the practical and theoretical subjects are considered as two different modules. The curriculum for the practical is broader to give the student engineer more knowledge on work areas.

Teachers are always available for the students at their respective staff rooms/floors at anytime of the college hours(except during the lecture hours) and are free for consultation regarding any of the FET study matters i.e. no prior appointments have to be made to visit the teaching staff.

Extra hour coaching is also provided (on demand) for students who are lagging behind with their N1-N6 FET studies. This is done to ensure a maximum pass percentage at our Wamalloy Engineering College.



To produce high profile future experts, endowed with high quality knowledge, sufficiently capable of proving their professional mettle in the present day competitive world with confidence.




It is the motto of college that the students are capable ofObserving, absorbing and performing.Considering, conceptualizing and creating.




Qualitative education and sense of high discipline are promises, we at SEB COLLEGE, make for posterity, and accordingly, we shall adopt andadhere to quality policies, constantly monitor accountability and assure all students and their parents that we shall keep our promises.



Being one of the leading Engineering and Business Colleges in our area, the SEB COLLEGE is specialized in empowering the students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training both in academic level and highly competitive industrial field. We assure to impart profound knowledge and technical skills for the learners. The FET N1-N6 faculties will always be at the service of the students in clearing their doubts and shaping them as full fledged technocrats in their chosen field of education. The college offers a secured and peaceful environment established with a modern infrastructure and latest technology.


SEB COLLEGE is a private FET College and NATIONAL 'N' DIPLOMA college that strive to offer high-class education and effective training for the students. This college has a single- minded focus to upgrade the youths with global education, thus enabling them to build a bright future. SEB COLLEGE is a private NATIONAL 'N' DIPLOMA college that strive to offer high-class education and effective training for the students in N1 – N6. Our N1,N2 and N3 courses which after appropriate trade test passing will lead to millwright, boiler making,fitting and machining and electrician trades. Alternatively, students can continue with N4-N6 for National Diploma.


SEB COLLEGE aims to:

Increase access and remove barriers to learning

Enable the individuals to take up responsibilities for their own learning within a supportive frame work

Increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning

Recognize the achievements of all its learners

Enable all learners to make informed choices about their future directions

Recognize staff excellence in teaching and encourage best practice in teaching and learning.



SEB COLLEGE will provide an environment which is inclusive of learners and teachers from all background.

Encourage the development of learner’s information literacy and provide learning that is accessible through a variety of delivery modes.

Incorporate the principles of foundation learning.

Ensure of provision of up-to-day and effective teaching and learning practices through processes for regular evolution of its programmes, programme delivery and operational management.


SEB COLLEGE will operate procedures for regularly monitoring teaching quality and promoting best practice.

Learners at Wamalloy Engineering College will be given the opportunity to formally evaluate the quality of programme delivery.

Ensure prudent strategic planning of academics development.

Action will be taken where necessary to maintain the standards of programme delivery.

All staff will contribute to achieve the strategic objectives for providing excellence in education and training.


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